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About Us

We are an IT firm that takes pride of our entire portfolio which is designed in-house and draws on its extensive experience, taking into account specific requirements of our firm's Clients and Partners.

Thriving on brilliant ideas and a variety of skills, the ILani Concepts team is able to successfully transform brands by combining smarter strategies with fresh creativity. Rather than cascading information from one department to another, a team comprised of each of our four disciplines – strategy, design, technology and production – works on an engagement from beginning to end. By bringing all of our knowledge to bear from the onset of a relationship, we arrive at innovative, actionable solutions. With all that we concentrate in offering solutions in: Marketing Consulting, Branding & Identity, Web Development ,Internet Marketing, Applications UI Design, Social Media , Graphic Design, Copy Writing, Advertising, Professional, Printing, Email & CRM. Contact Us to see how our firm can assist you to grow your Business.

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We work to Understand and Translate user behavior into solutions that meet business and brand objectives right from concept to completion.

Below are some of our services that we offer to clients. We always ensure that we meet our client's business and brand objectives. Our services include:

  • • Naming
  • • Research, Analysis and Insights
  • • Strategic Planning
  • • Brand Development
  • • Brand Positioning
  • • Brand Strategy
  • • Trends
  • • Creative Direction
  • • Creative Concepts and Development
  • • Branding and Identity
  • • Advertising Campaign

Design and Development for:


Work Process

Below is our outlined project work flow process. Learn how things are done by our team and see how we will handle your next project.


Work Process

1.) Discover.
First, we listen to our clients. Our goal is to fully understand each client's business and the environment in which it operates. We start by carrying out stakeholder interviews, followed by an assessment of internal strategy documents and relevant materials. Then, we perform a competitive analysis and conduct heuristic and analytical reviews of our client's current digital activities.

Finally, we look at the problem from the user perspective, where we engage in primary research to fully understand the target audience and how they want to interact with the brand online.

2.) Plan.
Our planning process turns research into a clear set of consumer insights, user goals and business requirements. Along with user personas and scenarios, this information contributes to a strategic vision, defining the future digital state of the organization, as well as its messaging and brand positioning. We then set out a plan for bringing the vision to life.

This includes feature prioritization, product roadmaps, connections, media and communications planning, and plans for evolving the internal organizational structure. Most importantly, the plan includes all the specific timelines, resource needs and workstreams required for the project to be successful.

3.) Create & iterate.
In this phase, creative concepts are developed to support the overall strategy. In an iterative approach that supports innovation, we try lots of things, throwing out what doesn't work and starting over until the results live up to the vision. Ideas can come from many places—customer insight, a business idea, a snippet of code, a beautiful image or a sketch on the back of a napkin. Professionals from all disciplines work together to produce concepts, each bringing his or her unique perspective to solve the problem.

Throughout the concepting phase, we create prototypes and test ideas with members of the target audience. The results are polished ideas based on a detailed understanding of the client's customers and designed to make an impact.

4.) Implement.
During the Implementation phase, our job is to translate creative concepts into a full program that goes live. Implementation often includes a complex array of workstreams, tracks and activities, which can include interaction design, visual design, technology development, content and asset development, display advertising production, and social media management. Our work in this phase tends to fall into three different categories, each with its own methodologies.

Design and Development spans the creation of websites and applications; Production includes the development of content, copy, video, banners and other campaign assets; and Outreach encompasses social media management, blogger and influencer outreach, and media buying.

5.) Measure.
We go to great lengths to ensure that every initiative has defined Key Performance Indicators and metrics for success, building in analytics to measure program or platform performance. Our measurement expertise spans Web, campaign and social analytics, which are often made available to clients as interactive online dashboards.

Our work also includes evaluating customer relationship management. We look at how customer data profiles can be used to create a better, more relevant experience for users that strengthens their connection to the brand.

6.) Evolve.
Based on the data we collect, we analyze all of our work, so performance can be improved over time. Multivariate analysis and test-and-learn methodologies are particularly important components of our approach to evolving client solutions. If it's an e-commerce experience, we want to see how we can continually drive conversion and increase average order size; if it's a subscription business, we want to look at how we can iteratively lower churn; if it's campaign creative, we want to see how we can improve banner performance.

By continuing to measure and evolve, we can improve ROI and show how digital drives business over time.

Our Skills


Design, User-Interface and Functionality.


Logo Design, Brand Identity, Concept Development, Print/Surface Variance.


Mobile App Development, Database Design, ERP Systems, Gaming.


TV Commercials, Tagline Formulation, Motion Graphics, Billboard Design.


Want to Stand-out, Be Different Be Creative.

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Some of Our Clients

Below are some of the Brands that are within our mandate of work in the various services and products we offer.


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Established in the year 2008, Ilani Concepts has grown to become the most preferred ICT Firm offering services ranging from Logo Design and Web Development to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) and Mobile Solutions.

Our friendly pricing policies to Budget tailor-made packages combined with Quality Assurance by meeting client expectations has made us stand-out from our competitors. We are creating History, Be part of this Legacy.

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